Welcome to the Sun museum!

Sun museum is a unique place in Riga, Latvia where the world culture meets the science.

Unifying element is our closest star – the Sun, and that’s exactly what this museum is all about!

Quick information

Prices and fees!

Adult and children parties in museum!

Natural science lessons in museum! Information for teachers, lecturers!

Affiliate with us!

Creative workshop

Do you like creative activities? We offer you a wonderful chance to make your own Sun souvenir in our workshop

Take a look in the workshop here!

Give us a call and book your excursion now: (+371) 67225587

Creative workshop

Dear visitors!

Due to regular private events in our premises on Saturdays and Sundays museum may be closed to individual visitors, thus we ask you to call or write us in advance to find out availability on weekends. Visitors are reminded that museum keeps rights to change the schedule and opening hours during these events! We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Teachers! Bring Your students to the Sun Museum! We offer natural science lessons!
Want a party? We are hospitable! Celebrate your feast at museum!
Managers and directors! Your employees will be happy to visit our creative workshop!

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