Main exhibition

Exhibitions at the Sun museum

Every visitor will find some information, activity or exhibit about the Sun and the Universe in our museum!

Main exhibition

It reveals astonishing nature of human imagination and notion about the Sun.
This unique collection with over more than 400 sun-shape objects and artwork from all over the world explains the importance of the Sun among world cultures and traditions. It tells a story and shows us our different vision on the same subject – the Sun! – for it is the beginning of our Solar system, vital energy source and unifying matter of mankind!

Pamatekspozīciju papildina arī informatīvie stendi, kas sniedz aizraujošu ieskatu pasaules tautu solārajā mitoloģijā.

Scientific display

We have number of rooms that houses scientific exhibitions. Our main focus is the Sun but we have covered various other fields in astronomy that give even more information about the Universe, the light, the stars, the Sun-Earth connection and how we are all affected by our closest star.
There is also a Galileo’s room – small but very special room, where each visitor can meet famous scientist Galileo and find some information about heliocentric ideas throughout the centuries, and how these ideas changed our worldview and understanding about the Solar system and the Universe in general.

Teachers! Bring Your Students to the Sun Museum! We offer natural science lessons! Find out more!

Additional exhibition

Museum houses a very special collection of artworks made by well known Latvian artists and sculptors as well. They have revealed their inner world and a truly unique perception of the Sun freely interpreting this solar phenomena or making a clear connection with Latvian ethnographic elements and old traditions. Their Sun motives and artwork is a great example of how diverse art can be even if those people live in the same country and draw their inspiration from the same subject.

These Latvian artists have contributed their artwork to our museum:

Vija Dzintare, Zigmunds Bielis, Gints Heņickis, Maruta Raude, Visvaldis Ozols, Valda Podkalne, Anita Šnore